(works on Ebay and any web site as well)


I've already created a counter for you! Just Copy and Paste the code below into your Craigslist ad (or your web site, or anywhere you like).

Need another counter? Just refresh the page and you'll have a new one created for you instantly!

All the counters you'll ever need, for FREE and in SECONDS!

Copy and Paste this code:
Sample Counter:

Thank you for finding my simple, easy to use, FREE CRAIGSLIST HIT COUNTER which let's you view how many people viewed your craigslist ad. You may use this page view counter to also view how many people viewed your Ebay ad, or even cut and paste it into the HTML of your Web site. Yes, it's the SIMPLEST hit counter available!

This counter is no longer supported. Feel free to use it but I'm no longer offering support.

NOTE: CraigsList has blocked the ability to use ALL counters on most of their posting categories. If this does not work for you you are likely posting in a category where Craigslist automatically deletes all counters. If this happens, there is no counter which will work for that category. Feel free to use this code on your personal web site or for other services.